SuperNatural Counseling: Season 1 ep1 p1 Pilot

Supernatural Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

Part 1 By: Therapist Nicki

There is so much to pick apart therapeutically in this first episode of Supernatural.  Frist off it is the Sam’s call into the hero’s journey. Which at first, he refuses because he has left his enmeshed family consisting of himself, his brother Dean, and father, John. Joseph Campbell, a 20th century mythologist and writer, built his model of the Hero’s Journey on a foundation laid down by psychiatrist Carl Jung, the founding father of analytical psychology. Jung professed the existence of a collective unconscious, an instinctive part  of the unconscious mind inherited by everyone which separate from but linked to everyone’s personal unconscious. The collective unconscious contains shared themes and narratives common across all space and time (Garski & Mastin, 2017). The hero’s journey follows a formula or path, not all hero’s follow it to the letter, and the cycle consists of: The Call to Adventure, Supernatural Aid, firster helper, Mentor, second helper, Abyss, Transformation, Atonement, and Return.

Dean is Sam’s harbinger to the adventure and his first helper. Dean provides Sam with advice, comfort, and support stating, “Nothing bad will happen to you as long as you’ve got me.”  The hero’s journey will be referenced several times in different blog posts.

Starting to write your own hero’s journey.
Think about, comment, and discuss what was your call to adventure?  Who are your helpers and why?


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Therapist Nicki
Author: Therapist Nicki