HarmonyUs, Inc. – Life Transition Center

We believe in the importance of both Science and Spirituality in our work. We are advocates for both Herbal and Prescription treatment and believe in the use of both Eastern and Western medical systems to treat disease and maintain health.

We practice a model of therapy, coaching, and counseling which is collaborative, open and holistic in nature. Our therapeutic relationship should feel warm, safe and be connecting. This model is different than many counseling models which have a less collaborative flavor. In these models typically the therapist is the “expert” in the room and should not be challenged.

In our therapeutic relationship, it may feel as though you are having a heart to heart with a good friend, however, the therapeutic relationship is a professional one and boundaries will be enforced at all times. In a collaborative model, we want to foster empowerment and teach you to listen and trust your inner self and to foster independence. I will challenge you to think and to argue points with me. This helps to foster critical thinking and is a great skill to take you through life. Our goal is that you will be able to leave with tools to help yourself with confidence during life’s challenges.

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